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Heartfelt Motivational Speaking


Are you looking to ignite passion, spark connection, put purpose in motion, and ‘illuminate the positive ?

Of course you are!  Life is an event.  Let us work together to make it positively and uniquely sensational!

Tara Markus signature speaking engagements and workshops are designed to inspire and empower. Rising up to challenge, transforming adversity into Positive Leadership; these are the hallmark achievements of Tara Markus’ life story. Her mission is to motivate, create a movement for change, bring people together and promote healthy and happy living.  Simply put, Tara Markus is a connector of people, positivity and possibility.

Presentations are upbeat and uplifting, vibrant with style and alive with heart-warming messages that will make you feel good from the inside out.  Private or corporate, local or global, in the kitchen, at the studio, banquet hall or at a grand event, Tara’s engaging tempo, and ‘dare to care’ attitude connects, motivates and empowers people to celebrate healthy happy and positive living.

Customized and personalized, performances are sure to surprise and impress.

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Create a Sweet Buzz

Possibility Thinkers seek to open pathways, unblock communication and discover new life destinations through people, love, perseverance, connectivity and the ultimate belief that there is  potential and growth in possibility.

Possibility Thinkers are non-accepting of any notion that our fate may be pre-determined, rather they believe that we, ourselves as individuals, create our own fate. Read more »


The Essence of Positivity!


I believe that Positive people score goals in life not by chance but because they focus on the goals they wish to achieve and positively believe in the “possible.”  Positive people continue to find new avenues and new destinations in their life because they do not entertain the ‘impossible.’  They cherish the ‘possible’ and seek ways to illuminate possibilities.

Positive people value what IS possible.  By nature they have no barriers. Their core beliefs tend to center around  ’including’ rather than ‘excluding’ ideas and other individuals.  Their vision of the world as a whole, and their belief in what can be accomplished by people joining together, is often eye opening and at times somewhat jaw dropping. 

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Storytelling is Everyone’s Business

The thread of a well stitched and crafted story can weave together the fabric for a magnificent quilt that can warmly invite people to take notice of your business, cause and even leadership style.  A beautiful patch-work quilt creatively and deliberately depicts stories of people and in many ways can begin to art their life portfolio.  Jagged cut outs of courage, odd shapes of challenge, open circles of change all make for wonderful conversation. No matter our age or our occupation in life, colourful, child-like imagination always makes for quite a spread!  Great storytelling is illuminating and contagious too. It will encourage you to shine and share!  Read more »


Tara’s Quotes

“People, Positivity and Possibility make for a dynamic trio. I make it my business to mix & mingle with them every day! Tara

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