Storytelling is Everyone’s Business

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The thread of a well stitched and crafted story can weave together the fabric for a magnificent quilt that can warmly invite people to take notice of your business, cause and even leadership style.  A beautiful patch-work quilt creatively and deliberately depicts stories of people and in many ways can begin to art their life portfolio.  Jagged cut outs of courage, odd shapes of challenge, open circles of change all make for wonderful conversation. No matter our age or our occupation in life, colourful, child-like imagination always makes for quite a spread!  Great storytelling is illuminating and contagious too. It will encourage you to shine and share! 

Storytelling is like an amazing collage of words and imagery that stretch out to people. It can get under your skin, blow your mind, warm your heart and even raise your spirits and put you in motion. Storytelling can be a mood changer and it can certainly influence people beyond measure.  With loving care and vibrant panache, storytelling can warmly captivate  audience attention.  Indeed storytelling can lead you in many directions and act as a guiding light in business.

The cascading stream of stories that ebb and flow in and out of our lives offer compelling testament to who we are as individuals and as leaders in the world at large. Embedded in the chapters of our life-storybooks is where one will find the true essence of our soul-purpose, core values and our inevitable compelling passion for communication.  As a way of minding our business, we can communicate our authenticity by sharing stories of our en route journey. In sharing and exchanging our business adventures , we widen our pathways and allow for more people to travel along with us.

Storytelling is everyone’s business.  It is the greatest gift and talent a person and business leader can possess and freely share.  Storytelling packs personality & drives impact.  It is, in my opinion, one of the most enchanting, and effective, mind-expanding and positive change promoting super talents any person can possibly have.   And it is underused, underplayed, underestimated and hugely untold.  The beauty of storytelling is that it can be a complex creative endevour that spans across multiple media platforms. It can be comfortable engagement with people in your living room, or it can be an eventful and memorable experience at  a festival.  No mater the place or space, rhyme or reason, storytelling allows us to look within, look out and connect with others and wholeheartedly find common ground.  Stories are social and they often give us “Aha” moments.  There is no time like the present to engage, enrich and empower one another.  Storytelling is healthy, energetic, educational, fun and universal; highly sensational in my books!  I strongly encourage us to enjoy.

Behind every rising business there are uniquely awesome individuals with an array of fascinating stories.   Passionate, people-oriented leaders communicate these stories because they know storytelling can build bridges and create emotional connection. Powerful storytelling is fuelled with real life zest and appeal. It can shake you to your core, bring you to your feet and inspire you to make outstanding change.  Tantalizing stories can mix sweet and sour and stir up an audience until the engagement is like a lip smacking magic portion that makes you squint; it’s so awe-inspiring.   Moreover, the voice of a great story can travel and break through barriers. It can put your business on the map!  It can change the life of one or be the message for many to carry.  Storytelling is a gift.  Tell your story with the best of intentions and it will attract the best of attention!

The time is now for us to exchange stories and learn about each others truth and talent, hopes and dreams.  Whether you are a prominent business leader, a terrific stay at home mom,  a chef with healthy recipes to share, a dynamic personality with a song in your heart, or a stylish  communicator who travels the globe,  storytelling  gives your business a human-kind heartbeat.  Real life storytelling shared with soul-purpose reminds us that really and truly we are all in the business of making emotional connection and joining people together.


Start today.  Share your story.  Make storytelling everyone’s business.


Tara Markus


Owner & Executive Director of, a new online Positive Living Life-Style Magazine, Tara is a reknowned copywriter that delivers positivity, connectivity and possibility to people.
Host of #UBUSensations weekly Tweetchat on Twitter, Tara shares insight with a sensational community of remarkable people who join together to engage.
Tara is also the creator behind “Glam It Up” accessory boutiques which offer awesome & affordable jewelry and accessories for fundraiser events.
Additionally Tara is now developing “Treetop Communications” – a company that grows healthy ideas and helps your business branch out!

4 Responses to Storytelling is Everyone’s Business

  1. Dallas - AHT4U April 14, 2012 at 8:37 am

    What a captivating writer you are! I always enjoy your tweets because they are bring sunshine to each day. This morning, your blog post about storytelling was like rays of sunlight bursting through the clouds! You wrote, “great storytelling is illuminating and contagious too. It will encourage you to shine and share!”. I was encouraged and inspired! Thank you for the gift you share. Keep on SHINING YOUR LIGHT!

  2. Shelley Lundquist May 3, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    This is a fabulous post, Tara! And a very over-looked commodity. Stoytelling is an amazing connector.. just like YOU!

  3. Gloria August 7, 2012 at 10:48 am

    The way we connect and share our stories is a way to motivate and inspire. It is how we learn. From the time we take our fisrt breath it is our story to weave. Thank you for a refreshing topic

  4. MELISASource September 9, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    I totally agree! Everyone –no matter who they are or where they are from –has a story of some sort. and it’s those stories that need to be shared with the world. It will definitely help to give people comfort in knowing that they are not alone in whatever it is that they are going through or have gone through in life. That is what makes the world one and a much better place to be. ~Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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