The Essence of Positivity!

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I believe that Positive people score goals in life not by chance but because they focus on the goals they wish to achieve and positively believe in the “possible.”  Positive people continue to find new avenues and new destinations in their life because they do not entertain the ‘impossible.’  They cherish the ‘possible’ and seek ways to illuminate possibilities.

Positive people value what IS possible.  By nature they have no barriers. Their core beliefs tend to center around  ’including’ rather than ‘excluding’ ideas and other individuals.  Their vision of the world as a whole, and their belief in what can be accomplished by people joining together, is often eye opening and at times somewhat jaw dropping. 

This is because ‘positive people’ greet each day believing anything is possible. Nothing is insurmountable.   They openly surround themselves with other individuals who share root strengths and emotion such as heart, passion, commitment, honestly, curiosity and the desire to strive and feed vitality. They invite all others to join the ‘Parade of Possibility’.   Positive people enjoy the playfulness of imagination, the spirit of engagement, the art of problem-solving , the sweetness of  change and the joy of watching dreams come true.

Above all else though, I have come to deeply understand that the true essence of a Positive Individual lies within their learned ability to comprehend the absolute difference between negative and positive, and all the cracks in between.  Positivity is not a magic potion for what ails us and it does not come in the form of fairy dust to be sprinkled in order to right a wrong.  Quite the contrary is true.  Talk to any true Positive person with a Positive outlook and you will quickly find that at one time or another they were probably within the depths of despair.  More likely than not, like heavy weight boxers in a ring, most will have had their fair share of blows, losses and gut-wrenching experiences.  For you see, Positivity is born out of the simple triumph and joy of defying negativity. It is when we are confronted with hardship and broken spirit that we have the greatest and most defining opportunity to seek what is positive in our life and within ourselves.  If we seek Positive it will without doubt find us.  It is Possible for each and every one of us to welcome Positive into our lives. It’s not always easy, it does take some self–reflection and even at times raw determination.

The truth is you have to be willing to embrace the Possibility of simply being positive. You can’t wallow. You have to forge ahead. You have to invest and see the potential and, I may caution, carefully weigh and measure the alternatives. Look within yourself. Dig deep.  Find the true you.  Face the mirror. Face yourself. See, with clarity, I AM POSSIBLE.  When I AM POSSIBLE is born from within you – it is a life altering, life balancing and profound. It is an illuminating experience of self- identity.  Imagine, Believe and See “I AM POSSIBLE”. The action of doing so ignites energy that will allow you to move forward and gain momentum.  The transformation from Negative to Positive is absolutely and positively riveting.  At first it is electrifying, then it takes root and becomes the core of who you are and all that you do.  With a strong healthy core you can grow a healthy mind and body and begin to forgive weakness’ in yourself and in others. I know because it happened to me.

Forgiveness, Humility, Courage, Trust, Honesty, Accountability, Love and Relationship are all pure ingredients that contribute to the recipe of a Positive Person. Live Life every day in every way.   Strengthen your core. It does not happen by chance.  Choose to be Positive. Positivity opens the door to Possibility.

I have found the “I AM POSSIBLE in the IMpossible”.  I positively and wholeheartedly believe you can too!

Live Positive.  YOU be YOU – Make the Connection.


Tara Markus


Owner & Executive Director of, a new online Positive Living Life-Style Magazine, Tara is a reknowned copywriter that delivers positivity, connectivity and possibility to people.
Host of #UBUSensations weekly Tweetchat on Twitter, Tara shares insight with a sensational community of remarkable people who join together to engage.
Tara is also the creator behind “Glam It Up” accessory boutiques which offer awesome & affordable jewelry and accessories for fundraiser events.
Additionally Tara is now developing “Treetop Communications” – a company that grows healthy ideas and helps your business branch out!

3 Responses to The Essence of Positivity!

  1. Al Smith August 10, 2011 at 10:52 am

    This is GREAT ! I am RT and Facebookin this ! Absolutely LOVE it ! This is one of the core principles of The CARE Movement.
    Without being Positive and truly valuing what is Possible, you are limiting yourself to what you can do and be. Being Positive and Grateful are two things I must focus on every day. Thanks again.

    Awesome stuff Tara. We have to talk, soon.


  2. Tara Markus August 10, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Hello Al

    I am delighted to Spark Connection! Thank you for the wonderful and kind comment. It is so rewarding and so exciting to meet like-minded people.
    It would be a pleasure to learn more about The CARE Movement. I certainly look forward to engaging more and “Propelling Positive Forward” as this is always my Mission.

    In Celebration,

  3. Dr. Shellie Hipsky September 1, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Hello Tara,
    This is a wonderful message about positivity. Your beautiful heart shines between the lines of this article. Well done and I intend to pass it on to others.

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