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Possibility Thinkers seek to open pathways, unblock communication and discover new life destinations through people, love, perseverance, connectivity and the ultimate belief that there is  potential and growth in possibility.

Possibility Thinkers are non-accepting of any notion that our fate may be pre-determined, rather they believe that we, ourselves as individuals, create our own fate. How?  By going forth into the world with courage, positive thinking, hope and a strong belief in human-kind.  It’s a brave new world and Possibility Thinkers go forth with courage and a clear vision of their destination.

Of course with long reach , mind expansion and courage comes challenge.  Possibility Thinkers accept challenge because they have a keen understanding that life challenges are not life-blockers that deflate.  Rather, life  challenges are opportunities that  create awareness  and shine light on who we are, deeply and whole-heartedly. Life challenges are like sign posts that guide us to make the positive changes we have to make in order to go the distance and reach our goals.

Possibility Thinkers are never alone.  They share much with all kinds of people everywhere, locally and globally.  Possibility Thinkers especially share connectivity with  Positivity Leaders. In fact the two share a relationship like Bees to Honey.  Tastefully and purposefully, they harmonize and create a sweet buzz that resonates without a sting. This of course makes absolute common sense, when we take time to digest and consider a little known fact: …It takes one ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world.

Remarkable? Absolutely.  Naturally awe-inspiring? Undoubtedly.

This simple and incredible fact is a sweet example of what is possible and sweetly,  realistically actionable. Certainly if a bee, a tiny insect, can circle the globe on one ounce of honey, it ‘s exhilarating to think how we as a society could create a buzz if we carried our positive message around the world.   Imagine the possibilities that  could and would take flight if we invested in the stock  and value of Possibility Thinkers. The dividends would be huge! And certainly as sweet as honey!  Why, it’s even possible goodness could soar to great heights.

In order to wrap our thoughts around the enormous magnitude of the potential and influence we are now imagining, lets look at Positivity Leadership and Possibility Thinkers from this standpoint:  The opposite of Positivity is Negativity.  The Opposite of Possibility is Impossibility & Infeasibility.  If we all agree that negativity & impossibility are not choices that serve well then we ultimately agree that Positivity & Possibility matter.  In actuality, when we do this simple mind exercise, we begin to fully recognize the importance of pro-active  choices and the key roles they play in effective Positivity Leadership.  Simply put, we cannot begin, we cannot rise up, we cannot accomplish and  become architects of change without partnering with Positivity and enlisting Possibility thinkers.

If our goal is to propel positive forward, create sustainability, invest in positive living , close communication gaps,  bridge global connectivity and enjoy the sweet nectar of  our human-kind abilities,  then the time is “Ripe Now.”  …The time is “Ripe Now” to explore, create and experience a new way of shaping our vision and leading with universal appeal.  Like bees to honey, we need to drink in the sweet goodness of human nature and make a positive impact on the world.

Mindfully & purposefully, Positivity Leadership is heart-felt, hopeful and bright.  Personally and professionally we need to become Possibility thinkers so that we can unlock closed minds and open pathways that channel key ingredients to feed life and business success.  We live in a world abundant with possibility.  Let us create a buzz!  Become a Possibility Thinker and follow Positivity Leadership.

Tara Markus


Owner & Executive Director of, a new online Positive Living Life-Style Magazine, Tara is a reknowned copywriter that delivers positivity, connectivity and possibility to people.
Host of #UBUSensations weekly Tweetchat on Twitter, Tara shares insight with a sensational community of remarkable people who join together to engage.
Tara is also the creator behind “Glam It Up” accessory boutiques which offer awesome & affordable jewelry and accessories for fundraiser events.
Additionally Tara is now developing “Treetop Communications” – a company that grows healthy ideas and helps your business branch out!

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  1. Elizabeth Traub May 4, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Tara, Loved this. “Positivity Leadership is heart-felt, hopeful and bright.” –>Truth Girl!

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“People, Positivity and Possibility make for a dynamic trio. I make it my business to mix & mingle with them every day! Tara

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