About Tara Markus

Image 2Known for her remarkable talent to consistently illuminate Possibility with Positivity, Tara drives both personal and business matters forward with integrity, authenticity, business savvy, professionalism and expertise.

At the core of Tara’s values are truth, commitment and accountability.  She has a strong belief in humanity, leadership and collaboration.  Her mission personally and professionally is to propel positive forward.   This is reflected in the many businesses she has created and propelled forward in recent years.


Tara’s Professional Menu :

Connecting people, positivity and possibility through:

Motivational Speaking

Inspirational TM Signature Events

Global Travel & Women’s Getaways

Cooking beyond measure & raising Up Wellness

Fundraising Events

Fashion Merchandising  * Marketing and Retailing


Tara Markus is the Founder & Director of:

taramarkus.com    Born in 2011, taramarkus.com is a new innovative business that expresses the joy and values of  local and global  experience with people, travel and food.   This message takes shape through highlighting and showcasing vibrant living experiences, businesses and products that model positive, healthy living. Simply put, taramakus.com is all about local and global sensations of life.  It was created so that we may all join together to Imagine, Believe and Achieve. Its mission is to celebrate and transform Impossible into I AM possible.

UBU Gift Sensations   Born in 2006.  Pronounced YOU be YOU  – UBU Gift Sensations is a company Tara founded in memory of her mother.  It is a Style-accessory company that offers unique, awesome and affordable fashion accessories through events, sales representatives, online shopping and fundraising projects. The true gift behind the creation of UBU is that, even more than the quality product it delivers, UBU communicates a Positive message to women that we can all share and value … “YOU be YOU”…”Because YOU are Sensational!”  In essence, UBU Gift Sensations is designed to highlight and awaken women’s Inner beauty as well as compliment their outer glow.   Its mission is to Empower women to Feel, Look and BE Sensational!   UBU Gift Sensations is presently indulging in a makeover.

Brain-trainers  Born in 1998.   A private Educational company that offers Academic Tutoring K-12 plus Creative Summer Science Camps.  Brain-trainers is the brain child of Tara and David Markus.  With a team of qualified and certified teachers, they successfully married the concept of conventional teaching with hands-on learning, leading students to academic achievement , exploration, discovery and  self-fulfillment.

 Additional  portfolio background:

Air Canada, International – 1980’s and ‘90’s  – A natural when it comes to Customer relations and service, Tara not only understands the pulse of working in the Corporate world, she feels the heartbeat of people, their needs and their individual dreams of travel. These skills were honed through many years of service in the field of international air travel. Additionally, while working in this industry, Tara garnered many opportunities to travel extensively to Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and the Far East.  These experiences have broadened her perspective on the world and have given her insights as to the multicultural fabric of our global community.


TODAY… Tara Markus has a genuine belief in the empowerment of positivity that is tempered with broad working experiences that can bring life wishes to living reality.

Tara is committed to People and their Ideas. She leads with the intent of building a better world, connecting Positively and doing it ALL with the Style and Flare of UBU Sensational Living.

Tara’s Quotes

“People, Positivity and Possibility make for a dynamic trio. I make it my business to mix & mingle with them every day! Tara

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